Drive Thru History #2: Greece

Drive Thru History #2: Greece

by Dave Stotts
Publisher: Focus on the Family
Price: $19.99

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Greece! The land of the Parthenon, Alexander the Great, and classic philosophy! Jump into this ancient world with enthusiastic tour guide Dave Stotts, and learn about the origins of the Olympics, the Oracle, Paul's missionary journeys, the Philosophers, Mars Hill, Corinthian decadence, the Corinth Canal, New Testament evidence, and more. Discover the people, places, and events that shaped Christian and world history!

3 full episodes are included on DVD. Approximate Run Time: 32-37 Minutes each episode.

This video uses primarily (but not exclusively) the NIV translation.

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  Great Fun
HappyHomemaker of Oregon, 9/28/2011
In this set of Drive Thru History we follow our host as he visits some of the better known and more obscure ancient sites of Greece. While you're there you learn about the history of the site as well as what parts of the Bible happened there. It is fun and fascinating for the whole family!