Drive Thru History: Columbus, The Pilgrims, Early Boston

Drive Thru History: Columbus, The Pilgrims, Early Boston

by Dave Stotts
Publisher: Focus on the Family
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Drive Thru History continues with the story of Christopher Columbus. Host Dave Stotts travels to Columbus’ birthplace in Italy and the place in Spain where he set sail for America. Next, Dave follows the story and the trail of the Plymouth Pilgrims—from their home in Scrooby, England, across the ocean to Plymouth, Massachusetts. In the third episode, Dave explores the amazing and poignant beginnings of the Revolutionary War.

We learn about important Founding Fathers and visit famous sites in Boston, Lexington, and Concord. As with all Drive Thru History episodes, the American History Series tours actual geographical landmarks and includes adventure, Dave’s special humor, and the integration of our Christian history. Entertainment and education rolled into one, with more than 80 minutes of content! A discussion guide is downloadable for free by to

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