Colored Pencils & Markers

We carry over 500 coloring books, and as that selection has grown, we've frequently been asked for colored pencils. It makes sense: why wouldn't we offer some?

In typical Exodus fashion, we didn't want to offer pencils you could find everywhere else: they had to be somewhat unique. They also had to be quality pencils—easy to sharpen and use, good for blending, friendly for both child and adult colorists.

We considered options at the local art & crafts store. Prismacolor pencils get a lot of kudos, as do Stabilo pens. These are a great investment, but we also wanted to find a way to offer pencils for less than $1.20 each.

Then we connected with a business called Stubby Pencil Studios which carries unique, high-quality, eco-friendly art supplies. A lot of the pencils we carry come from them.

Quality, unique, affordable, and eco-friendly. These are the kind of art supplies we're trying to carry. While we've perhaps just begun developing a selection of colored pencils, the options below meet most of these criteria. We believe they're worth checking out!

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