Jolly Superstick Colored Pencils - Set of 48

Jolly Superstick Colored Pencils - Set of 48

Publisher: Jolly
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This amazing set of 48 colored pencils, stored in a hinged metal case, will impress artists of all ages. The pencils are superior quality, with nearly unbreakable leads, and perform beautifully. Made in Austria.

48 colors include: white, ivory, dark yellow, light yellow, lemon yellow, pale orange, orange, vermilion, cherry red, crimson, purple, flesh pink, pale pink, cyclamen, pink, dark pink, rose pink, lavender, violet, blue-violet, pale violet, dark blue, ultramarine, light blue, cobalt blue, aquamarine, pale blue, sky blue, light green, turquoise, pale turquoise, pastel green, bluish green, dark green, emerald green, olive, ochre, light brown, medium brown, reddish brown, gold ochre, dark brown, sepia, black, grey, light grey, silver, and gold.

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