Bless This Food

Bless This Food

Four Seasons of Menus, Recipes and Table Graces

by Julia M. Pitkin, Karen Grant, Dr. George Grant
Publisher: Cumberland House
Hardcover, 240 pages
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This is a unique cookbook that combines wonderful menus and recipes with table prayers, food customs, and religious and cultural traditions. The menus are for many varied occasions—traditional holidays, family gatherings, religious celebrations, ethnic festivals, life-passages, and get-togethers with friends.

Organized by seasons, Bless This Food is eclectic in its choice of cuisines—from French, Italian, English, American, Jewish, and Irish to Native-American, African-American, and Hispanic. The occasions celebrated are also eclectic and culturally diverse, celebrating the many traditions from which America's citizens have originated. The main religious celebrations of the Christian and Jewish traditions are included. The authors' own interests are reflected in their choices of such occasions as Winston Churchill's Birthday Breakfast, Claude Monet's Birthday, A Jane Austen Holiday Lunch, Robert Burns Night, and Blessings in Deed, in which a meal is prepared for another person or family.

Beautifully and elegantly designed, and illustrated with the sketches of Tonya Presley, Bless This Food acknowledges the sacred nature of the everyday pleasures of food and table.

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