Biblical Antiquity: Old & New Testament in One Volume

Biblical Antiquity: Old & New Testament in One Volume

Ancient History in Context with the Bible

by Evan B. Wilson
Publisher: Big Haus Society
©2007, Item: 4303
Spiralbound, 188 pages
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Historical Setting: Biblical History

The two history texts in this course have now been combined into one volume which views ancient history in its connection with the Old & New Testaments the Bible. It is comprised of short histories treating the ancient empires and religions from Egypt & Persia to Greece and Rome and each civilization's connection with Scripture. This reaffirms the Bible as a wonderful outline for the study of antiquity. Not written as a regular textbook, this can be used as a reference by both students and teachers. It does not include study questions, but it does include lots of information!

This book was written by a graphics designer, so it has a nice format including easy-to-read text and sidebars, plus maps, scripture references, and graphics. It also includes excerpts from ancient writings including the entire Code of Hammurabi, the Gilgamesh Flood Account, the Apocrypha, writings by Josephus, and others.

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