America and Vietnam

America and Vietnam

The Elephant and the Tiger

by Albert Marrin
Trade Paperback, 277 pages
Price: $13.95

Historical Setting: Vietnam War

" 'Students seem to be saying that they know the Vietnam War is the skeleton in America's family closet,' noted junior high school teacher Bill McLoud, 'and they think they are now old enough to be let in on the secret.' There's no better way to do that than with Albert Marrin's America and Vietnam, a most readable and evenhanded account of that prolonged agony." —Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr. Editor, Vietnam Magazine

"[A] very good account of the history of Vietnam and events leading up to the Vietnam war. The book is well documented. It presents a complete picture of the difficult thought processes [of] our country's leaders as we were drawn into Vietnam . . . One of the book's strong points is that it portrays the war the way the men who fought remember it . . . A must for readers who are interested in history." —Everett Alvarez, Jr. Longest-held P.O.W. in the Vietnam War

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Exodus Rating
FLAWS: Wartime violence, mild language
Summary: A narrative history of the Vietnam War that doesn't have a particular axe to grind except that of historical accuracy.

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