Yanks Are Coming

Yanks Are Coming

The United States in the First World War

by Albert Marrin
Trade Paperback, 248 pages
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Historical Setting: WWI

"With excitement and vivid detail, Marrin describes America's role in World War I from its belated entry in 1917, eager but unprepared, through the war at sea, in the air, and in the trenches, to the final hard-won victory. He dramatically re-creates a routine flying mission in the first fragile fighter planes, depicts how the "doughboys" lived at the front . . . and combines such general accounts with tales of individual daring and endurance. He lauds heroism in a just cause . . ." — BookList

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FLAWS: Wartime violence, language
Summary: The story of World War I from the American frontline perspective in a rousing style with plenty of narrative flair.

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