Zach's Favorite Christian Materials

There's obviously not a whole lot here. Not because Zach doesn't desire to grow in his faith (far from it), but because he simply hasn't read a lot. The items you will find are very good; Zach won't endorse something he doesn't know about, or that hasn't helped him greatly in some regard. He hopes these books will be equally enlightening for you.

For Zach, the only thing that matters is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Consequently, the only items you'll find in this list are firmly centered in the truth of Jesus Christ crucified, buried, and risen for our sins. The Bible as the revelation of God, the cardinal doctrines, and sanctification are the focus of his Christian walk, as they should be for all who call upon the name of the Lord.

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Zach's Favorite Christian Materials
Zach's Favorite Christian Materials
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Know What You Believe
by Paul E. Little
5th edition from InterVarsity Press
for 9th-12th grade
$13.60 $8.00 (1 in stock)
Know Why You Believe
by Paul E. Little
4th edition from InterVarsity Press
for 9th-Adult
$13.60 $10.00 (1 in stock)