Your Story Hour: Heritage of Our Country Album 6

Your Story Hour: Heritage of Our Country Album 6

Publisher: Your Story Hour
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This album contains twelve CDs and 24 dramatized, audio stories about famous people from American History including: Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Booker T. Washington, Dr. Walter Reed, Charles Lindbergh and others. One of our most popular historical albums. (Each CD is approximately one-hour in length.) Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue.

Stories included:

CD #1
Beyond the Horizon: Columbus plans for voyage (part 1)
The Disappearing Light: Hardships and perils of Columbus (part 2)

CD #2
Mutiny of Alonzo: Columbus (part 3)
Columbus in Chains: Columbus (part 4)

CD #3
Persecuted and Betrayed: Early Pilgrims (part 1)
The First Thanksgiving: Early Pilgrims (part 2)

CD #4
The Spirit of the Stars and Stripes: Story of the US flag
The Runaway Boy: Benjamin Franklin

CD #5
America's Arch Hero Makes a Speech: Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg
Billy Scott Faces the Firing Squad: A Lincoln story

CD #6
Yellow Jack, the Giant Killer of Men: Dr. W. Reed discovers cause of Yellow Fever
Fury in Petticoats: One of America's first woman lawyers

CD #7
Yankee Woman:Booker T. Washington (part 1)
Yankee Woman:Booker T. Washington (part 2)

CD #8
Thomas Edison:Tribute to Edison's mother
Edward Bok Story:Famous American

CD #9
Alexander GrahamBell:Invention of telephone (part 1)
Alexander GrahamBell: Invention of telephone (part 2)

CD #10
Bicycles and Kites:Story of Wright Brothers (part 1)
Partners in Flight:Story of Wright Brothers (part 2)

CD #11
Man Without aCountry:Story of Philip Nolan
The Spirit of St. Louis: Charles A. Lindbergh crosses the Atlantic

CD #12
Little Bad Legs: Glenn Cunninghan story
The Ugly Duckling of Baseball: Story of shortshop, Marty Marion

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