Your Story Hour: Bible "Comes Alive" 4

Your Story Hour: Bible "Comes Alive" 4

Esther through Gospels

Publisher: Your Story Hour
Audio CD
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This twelve CD album containing 25 dramatized, audio, Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments of the fourth of 5 and completes the story of Queen Esther saving her people and begins telling the wondeful story of Jesus life including the nativy story. Other Bible characters included on this album: Job, Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel, and Jonah, Nicodemus, the disciples, Simon, John the Baptist. (Each CD is approximately one-hour in length.) Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue

Stories Included:

CD #1
The Daring Act: Esther saves her people
The Land of Uz: Job tested for faithfulness

CD #2
The Charming Prince: Nebuchadnezzar becomes king
The Four Friends: Daniel and his three friends

CD #3
In the King's Court: Daniel interpret's king's dream
The Fiery Affair at Dura: Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego thrown into fiery furnace

CD #4
Seven Years a Beast: Nebuchadnezzar forsakes God
TheBloodless Hand: Belshazzar's impious feast

CD #5
The Lions and the Villians: Daniel in the lions' den
The Man Who Ran from God: Jonah and the whale

CD #6
Mary of Nazareth: Angel appears to Mary
Born Under a Star: Birth of Jesus

CD #7
The King Grows Up: Jesus' boyhood
A Voice in the Desert: John the Baptist; Jesus' baptism

CD #8
Journey to Jerusalem: First cleansing of the temple & Nicodemus
Happiness In Galilee: Miracles of Jesus

CD #9
Jesus the Healer: Jesus heals leper and paralytic
Matthew's MagnificentParty: Matthew becomes disciple

CD #10
Troubled Water: Jesus heals on sabbath
The Road toHappiness: Ordination of 12 disciples & Healing Roman officer's servant

CD #11
The Greatest Miracle: Widow's son resurrected & simon's feast; Demon cast out
Prisoner in a Desert Dungeon: Death of John the Baptist

CD #12
Story Times: Jesus calms storm; Two demoniacs; Jairus' daughter resurrected
A Boy's Amazing Lunch: Jesus feeds 5000
A Fisherman Who Couldn't Swim: Peter walks on water

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