Your Story Hour: Adventures in Life Volume 11

Your Story Hour: Adventures in Life Volume 11

Publisher: Your Story Hour
Audio CD
Price: $45.00

This twelve CD album contains 32 fully dramatized, true-to-life, character building adventures exemplifing the high moral values so necessary for successful living. Your child will not easily forget the impression made and the lessons learned as they listen to these exciting stories, enabling them to build a foundation of spiritual sensitivity, high achievement, and responsible citizenship. Some of life lessons learned are; standing for right, unselfish love, keeping a promise, and teenage peer pressure. (Each CD is approximately one-hour in length.) Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue.

Stories Included:

CD #1
Donna's Uninvited Guest: Learning respect for the elderly
No Greater Love:Faithfulness and bravery

The Fierce Protector: God provides protection
Greyfriar's Bobby: Faithfulness of a dog
Maggie and the Yellow Dogs: God's protection
Gunga and the Tiger: Indian boy's courage

Tested: Resisting temptation to be dishonest
Triangle Tangle:Dishonesty

Mary Jones and HerBible: A child's love for Bible
The 11th Commandment:Christian courtesy
Sharon's Closet:Neatness and thrift
Unexpected Caller:Standing for right

The Cow and the Senator: An orphan boy makes good
Rambunctious Doberman: Faithful dog

Christmas Hearts at Easter: Unselfish Love
Farmer Whipple, Bachelor: Romantic poem dramatized

The Crooked Road:Teenage peer pressure
The LongTrain Ride:God's care for two war orphans

The Fantastic Christmas of 1917: World War I Christmas Story
Sam and the Christmas Angels: Farm family's Christmas
Lori's "Just for Love": Little girl melts two cold hearts
A Christmas Story:Dr. Brown's Christmas party

The Hidden Treasure: What a treasure is and where to hide it
What Happened to Danny: Teenage alcohol addiction

Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief: Thief Shoplifting
Sow Seeds of Kindness: Kindness saves a family from death

Trouble with Thieves: Yielding to temptation
Fool's Gold:Obedience and honesty

Judy's True Friend: Pressure to conform by cheating
Temptation: Keeping a promise
Phillip Learns a Lesson: Gambling, stealing, wrong associate

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