Young Scholar's Guide to Poetry

Young Scholar's Guide to Poetry

Why take time to "Piece Together the Poetry Puzzle"?

  • Because the Bible is full of poetry and imagery, learning about poetry helps us understand God's Word.
  • Working with poetry helps us better understand the English language.
  • Writing Poetry offers a unique way to express our thoughts and feelings.
  • Exploring poetry joins us with our past in the "ah-ha" moment when we recognize a truth that someone else has put to words.

This course provides a close-up look at poets through the ages and provides the opportunity to interact with their work. By exploring a range of poetic techniques & devices, students will be able to both read and create poetry with understanding and meaning.

This book includes:

  • 32 Weekly Lessons covering biographies of famous poets and explantions of key poetic devices
  • Easy-to-Use Timeline
  • Easy-to-Use Maps
  • Poet Info-Cards & Game Directions
  • Poetic Device Cards
  • Poetry Puzzle Cards
  • Student Reviews
  • Answer Keys
  • Coloring Pages
  • Directions for Hosting a Poetry Slam
  • Poetry Reading andResource List
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