Young Fur Traders

Young Fur Traders

A Tale of the Far North

by R. M. Ballantyne
Publisher: Vision Forum
Library Binding, 491 pages
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Historical Setting: North America; Canada, early 1800's

This is the story of the hard life of a trapper in Canada in the early 1800s. Charlie Kennedy lives in the Canadian arctic colony known as the Red River Settlement with Indians, Scotsmen, and French-Canadian settlers. His father, an old fur trader, hopes to convince his son to become a clerk by recounting the dangers of the trapper's life, but the stories only inspire the boy more to explore the vast Canadian wilderness.

Through a variety of circumstances, Charlie finds himself trapping in the vast forests, on a journey with voyageurs down perilous rivers, and surviving all sorts of scrapes and adventures with a new acquaintance, Jacques Caradoc, and an Indian named "Red Feather."

Many of Charlie's exploits are taken from the real-life experiences of R. M. Ballantyne's own time with the Hudson Bay Company in Canada. Just as Ballantyne had done, Charlie learns to shoot mercury from his rifle through a two inch board in 39 degree below zero temperatures! Discover the strenuous and vigorous life of a trapper through the eyes of Charlie and his intrepid friends.

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