Young Folks Library - 10 Volumes

Young Folks Library - 10 Volumes

Young Folks Library
by Thomas Bailey Aldrich (Editor)
4th Edition, ©1955, Item: 59891
Hardcover, 3163 pages
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Originally published in 1938, this multi-volume set was released repeatedly over the next couple of decades. We've identified 12 volumes that look like the picture here, but there are a confirmed 20 volumes in the edition prior. 

The series includes a lot of stories and excerpts from popular literature of the period, from authors like Sir Walter Scott, Charlotte Yonge, Rudyard Kipling, Anna Sewell, Nathaniel Hawthore, Charles Kingsley, Alfred Church, Hans Christian Anderson, the Grimm brothers, Charles Dickens, Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Robert Louis Stevenson, and many others, including texts from actual explorers.


  • A Book of Famous Explorers
  • A Book of Adventure
  • Tales of Fantasy
  • A Book of Famous Fairy Tales
  • A Book of Famous Myths and Legends
  • The Animal Story Book
  • Stories of School and College Days
  • The Story Teller
  • A Book of Brave Deeds
  • The Merry Maker
  • A Book of Patriotism
  • A Book of Famous Travels
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