Young Christian

Young Christian

by J. H. Langlle, Pastor Village
Publisher: Grace & Truth Books
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The books in this series are copies of 18th and 19th century books. The stories have the original language, sentence structure, and art. The stories present problems people faced, and the principles they preached are as relevant today as they were then. May God be pleased to bless the contents of our "Children's Heritage Series" to the lives of each reader. Webster's warning was given many years ago; times have changed, but not in a Godly manner.

The mission of Triangle Press is to furnish concerned parents tools to help teach children the truth. This "Children's Heritage Series" has not been rewritten as the Character Building Series was, but the books are reproduced in their original form; a form which some feel is antiquated. True. However, they represent not only the teachings of Godly principals, but they also represent a piece of our history and heritage. The vocabulary contained in these books is rich and varied; it is a far cry from the usual limited and bland use of words found in much of today's children's literature. Some children may even be challenged to rewrite a story in modern grammar; the stories may also be used as a springboard for family study and discussion. There are many aspects of this "Children's Heritage Series" to be cherished.

There was sorrow in the home of wealthy Mr. Howe. His wife had been called away in death, and he was left with two small sons. Johnny, the younger of the two boys, could be very easily managed; but Freddie, though very amiable and winning, had always been an erring child. The father could have coped better if he could have had the counsel of his Christian wife, who had always made her decisions by prayer.

His father sends Freddieaway to school in the country, where he meets many new friends. His best friend, Joe, s

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