You Decide!

You Decide!

Applying the Bill of Rights to Real Cases

by George Bundy Smith & Alene L. Smith
138 pages
Price: $26.99

Casts children in the role of judge to rule on 75 actual U.S. Supreme Court cases!

With You Decide! court is in session. The honorable "judges," your children, will be asked to decide cases based on the first eight amendments to the Constitution. Your children will sharpen their critical thinking skills and their legal and historical knowledge as they analyze the amendments, discover their origins, and rule on actual cases presented before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Each unit explores:

  • The language, meaning, and history of an amendment
  • How the amendment was applied in various cases
  • Classic and contemporary cases children must decide based on what they've learned about the amendments

Please Note:

Because the student book does not contain the court decisions, use of the Instruction/Answer Guide is essential. It also includes objectives, suggestions and a graphic organizer to keep track of facts in each case.

Old Cover (same edition):

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