You Can Do It! DVD

You Can Do It! DVD

Showing you how to use Spell to Write and Read with your children

by Britta McColl
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You Can Do It!, a DVD produced on-site by Rob and Britta McColl, features Britta as she instructs her children in spelling and reading using Spell to Write and Read. An officially endorsed SWR trainer, Britta offers a fast-paced, intimate look at SWR, giving you the confidence and ability to get started with your children.

Chapter markers make it easy to review the activities over and over again, and the up-close filming enables you to see what the children and the teacher are writing.

The DVD focuses on:

  • How to teach SWR with multiple ages
  • Beginning handwriting skills
  • Games to teach the phonograms
  • How to do a phonogram quiz
  • The dictation process for both single- and multi-syllable words using "fingergrams or finger spelling."


"In this DVD, Britta opens the door to her home so that you can glimpse the SWR program at work with her preschool and grade school children. As you watch, you will realize that YOU can do it too!"
Wanda Sanseri, author of Spell to Write & Read

"I appreciate the humanness of this encouraging and instructive production. Your children are precious. I gained many great ideas and a lot of confidence from what you shared. You showed how to instruct in age-appropriate ways. I appreciate how you interact with your children. It was helpful to see how you redirect at times and how you guide them gently without criticism."
Carol Wells, MO, homeschooling mother, and IEW instructor

"Your DVD is great! It has a reassuring quality to it. Your children all look so happy. Now I must report something unexpected. My twin grandchildren (age 4) asked to see the DVD. I fast-forwarded to the part about the games (everything where you worked with the children) and they watched intently to the end. Then they decided that they wanted to do all the games. We did a few. They now know all the sounds represented on the first two Bingo cards. Today they showed their mom how to write a's and o's. They sounded just like you on the DVD. 'Start on the line, go to 2 o'clock,' and so on to 'make the connecter.' It was a hoot. As happens with young children, they seem to have made a developmental leap in the last month. Their mom and dad have noticed it also. So, your DVD came at just the right time."
Ruthe T., Montessori teacher, homeschooler

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