Year of the Flying Machine, 1903

Year of the Flying Machine, 1903

by Genevieve Foster
Hardcover, 96 pages
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Imagine a world in which radio and television have yet to be invented, airplanes are not available for worldwide travel, automobiles are a recent phenomenon available only to the rich; the North and South Poles have yet to be discovered, kings and queens reign throughout most of Europe and Asia, Teddy Roosevelt is president of the United States. This is the beginning of the twentieth century—the early 1900's—a time of less than eighty years ago in which great changes and inventions were taking place.

Here Genevieve Foster makes these remarkable years come alive through her enlightened use of "horizontal history"—a bringing together from all over the world the people and leading events of an era. We see the Wright brothers struggling to get their airplane off the ground, read the diary of Richard Peary as he faces tremendous difficulties in his quest to reach the North Pole; we share with Teddy Roosevelt the excitement of early progress on the Panama Canal. These are but a few of the many personalities and events covered here.

Fully illustrated with drawings of both people and the events, 1903, The Year of the Flying Machine is a lively and highly entertaining introduction to the history of the time.

—From the dust jacket

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