Writing With Skill Level 3 - Instructor Text

Writing With Skill Level 3 - Instructor Text

The Complete Writer

by Susan Wise Bauer
1st Edition, ©2013, ISBN: 9781933339733
Trade Paperback, 600 pages
Price: $34.95

Parents used to student-directed programs may be taken off-guard by the amount of information addressed directly to instructors in this teacher guide. This is partly because the content is advanced and fairly difficult and even the best students will need help, and partly because teachers actually need to present information to their students instead of assuming the kids will absorb everything they need to know on their own.

Beside answers for written assignments in Writing With Skill Level 3 - Student Workbook, there are plentiful teaching notes and rubrics for evaluating student essays. You absolutely need the Instructor Text to complete this course. Those trying to cut corners may want to look for another course; they should not try to work from the Student Workbook alone. If you want to take an active hand in your student's education, however, this is one of the better writing programs available.

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Summary: Necessary companion to the student workbook for Writing With Skill Level 3.

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