Writing With Skill Level 1 - Instructor Text

Writing With Skill Level 1 - Instructor Text

by Susan Wise Bauer
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 600 pages
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This Instuctor Text for Susan Wise Bauer's Writing With Skill Level 1 - Student Workbook is an excellent tool for parents whose children are working through the course on their own. No specific teacher time is designated since the workbook is addressed to students directly, but there are plenty of scripted teacher cues for helping students through difficult concepts, or for presenting important information.

Even more helpful are the evaluation criteria Bauer establishes to help parents grade kids' work. Students may be able to complete each lesson on their own, but they can't grade their own work; this book tells you how. It also includes suggested answers for each student activity, to help you gauge what children are learning, and what they need work on.

It would pretty much be Supermom who didn't need this Instructor Text. All of the student text is included (often in reduced format), as well as plenty of supplemental material. Coming on the heels of Bauer's acclaimed Writing With Ease course for elementary students, Writing With Skill is easily one of the best middle school writing curricula we've seen, or are likely to.

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