Writing With Ease - Workbook Level 1

Writing With Ease - Workbook Level 1

by Susan Wise Bauer
Consumable Workbook, 400 pages
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Used along with the core text, Writing with Ease, these workbooks each provide every dictation assignment, comprehension question, and reading passage that you'll need for a full year of study.

Using passages and sentences from classic children's literature, this allows young writers to practice their skills while absorbing the style and grace of great authors. Charming illustrations by Jeff West add a visual element that will spark your child's imagination.

How does the workbook help save time? The Writing With Ease text tells you what to do in order to train your young student; the workbook does it for you. For example, Year One outlines a program that teaches students to understand and summarize longer and longer passages, and suggests copy work that will progressively build skills in grammar. Week One provides the first copywork exercise (with instructions in how to guide the student as he or she develops copywork skills), the first narration exercise (Day Two), and then a second related copywork exercise (Day Three) and another related narration exercise (Day Four). The Writing With Ease text then directs you to follow the same weekly pattern for Weeks 2 and 3, choosing sentences from the student's history, science, and literature that contain proper names (the grammatical focus of this three-week segment).

If you wish, you can choose your own narration and copywork sentences. Or, if you choose to use the workbook, the narration and copywork will be provided for you.

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