Writing Strands Beginning 1

Writing Strands Beginning 1

by Dave Marks
Publisher: Master Books
Spiralbound, 27 pages
List Price: $34.99 Sale Price: $27.99

Formerly Writing Strands Level Two, this is a manual for the parents of children about seven years old, or for children who can write simple sentences. It introduces the basic skill of giving thoughts and experiences to others in written form.

When a child can write by himself (spelling doesn't count) a sentence similar to, "We live on the corner," or "The dog is big," that child is ready for Level 2. This is the only book from which parents must teach. The rest of the series is written for and to the students, and the assignments are written in such a way that the students can write independently. Even at this level, the assignments produce reports, essays or pieces of fiction.

The author recommends using Evaluating Writing with every level of Writing Strands, but much of this material can be downloaded for free from the publisher's website.

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