Writing Strands Advanced 1

Writing Strands Advanced 1

by Dave Marks
Publisher: Master Books
Consumable Workbook, 86 pages
List Price: $37.99 Sale Price: $30.39

Developed to give students advanced skills, such as recognizing and using persuasive language, writing reports, and developing character in creative pieces.

Students will learn the process of giving others their thoughts in written form through three areas: creative, research and reports, and explanatory. Every exercise will guide them in the development of communication skills they need.

Topics addressed in this one-year course include:

  • Recognizing the three points of view writers use
  • Describing what has been seen over a period of days and writing a scientific report
  • Understanding the organization of an explanatory exposition
  • Developing effective characters and conflict in creative writing
  • Identifying common literary devices in the Bible
  • Understanding why literary devices are used

A suggested schedule is provided, as well as worksheets that are three-hole punched and perforated, and the addition of a reading and literature component helps students look more deeply into the Bible and other books they select.

Recommended for: Grades 7-10 / 1 Year / 1 English credit

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