Writing & Rhetoric Book 6 - Teacher's Edition

Writing & Rhetoric Book 6 - Teacher's Edition


by Paul Kortepeter
v 1.0, ©2015, ISBN: 9781600512780
Hardcover, 248 pages
Price: $24.95

A one semester course for grades 5 or 6 and up

Think of the progymnasmata as a step-by-step apprenticeship in the art of writing and rhetoric. In the Writing & Rhetoric series, author Paul Kortepeter has recovered this proven method of teaching writing in conjunction with critical thinking and speaking.

Writing & Rhetoric Book 6: Commonplace continues the development of the art of persuasive writing and oration. Students will learn to create six-paragraph essays that are arguments against the common vices of people and arguments in favor of common virtues. For example, cowardice and boasting are criticized while courage and humility are commended. 

This teacher’s edition includes the complete student text, as well as answer keys, teacher's notes, and explanations. For every writing assignment, this edition also supplies descriptions and examples of what excellent student writing should look like, providing the teacher with meaningful and concrete guidance.

In addition to practicing skills they learned in earlier books, students will learn to:

  • Write six-paragraph essays
  • Support a thesis statement
  • Argue against certain vices
  • Argue for certain virtues
  • Use comparison and contrast
  • Introduce and conclude an essay
  • Use a rhetorical device known as “the contrary”
  • Invent soliloquies to support an argument
  • Deliver writing orally
  • Revise writing
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