Writing Effective Lesson Plans

Writing Effective Lesson Plans

A 5-Star Approach

by Peter Serdyukov, Mark Ryan
Publisher: Pearson Education
Perfectbound, 246 pages
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Developed by two educators with experience in both elementary and secondary classrooms, Writing Effective Lesson Plans details a unique a step-by-step procedure designed to streamline the process of lesson planning and make teaching smoother and more efficient. Coined the "Five-Star Lesson Plan" by the authors, this model consists of five classic components: lesson descriptiongoals and objectivesmaterials and toolsprocedures, and reflective assessment and evaluation

This workbook guides beginning and experienced teachers through each step to create lesson plans that best meet the needs of every student.  It also explores the inherent challenges to effective lesson planning, such as time efficiency, knowledge construction, skill development, involving the students’ families, and implementing your plan.  With its mix of concise theory and hands-on activities, this book is a one-stop resource encouraging a deep and thoughtful approach to a skill that is often not sufficiently developed in teacher preparation programs.

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