WriteShop I - Copying and Dictation Exercises

WriteShop I - Copying and Dictation Exercises

by Kim Kautzer, Debra Oldar
Publisher: WriteShop
Consumable Workbook, 20 pages
Price: $7.00

Due to popular demand, ready-made copywork passages are now available in a new book, Copying and Dictation Exercises for WriteShop I.

Whether to capture an inspirational quote in a journal, practice penmanship, or develop habits of discipline and observation, copywork is valued as a useful exercise. In the past, you've have had to come up with your own copywork passages to accompany student lessons. But now, WriteShop is pleased to carry Copying and Dictation Exercises for WriteShop I, sixteen carefully-chosen selections that go with related writing lessons. Gathered primarily from works of quality literature, the collection also includes selections from such diverse sources as a Civil War-era newspaper, a turn-of-the-century boys' handbook, and a modern-day cookbook.

WriteShop allows time for copying and dictation in each of its schedules. Short but important, these exercises help students pay close attention to detail. Each passage consists of a two- to five-sentence paragraph that mirrors the type of writing within its corresponding lesson. For example, students copy a vivid description of The Velveteen Rabbit to get ready for describing an object. When their writing lesson turns to journalism, copywork comes from an 1865 article in the New York Times. And when they write a personal narrative, their selection is drawn from Treasure Island.

The book is non-consumable, meaning students within the same family may share one copy, as long as they are working independently of one another. However, if you want them to complete the exercises as a group, they will each need their own.


  • Well-spaced text means trouble-free reading.
  • Large, clear fonts are easy on the eyes.
  • Sixteen passages, one for each WriteShop I lesson.
  • Only one selection per page.
  • Includes parent instructions and extra resources.
  • Non-consumable
  • Available only from WriteShop
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