Writer's Toolbox

Writer's Toolbox

Writing and Grammar Handbook

Spiralbound, 311 pages
Price: $42.22

This grammar handbook is referenced in the high school levels of the Writing and Grammar series (2nd editions).

Bob Jones University has stepped back to the more traditional style of teaching grammar (we think a good thing), stressing the eight parts of speech in a more flexible way, rather than dividing verbs into "verbs & auxiliaries," adverbs into "adverbs & modifiers," and adjectives to "adjectives and determiners." We believe this will make the Bob Jones grammar more understandable (less confusing), and perhaps more enjoyable to students who use the newer editions.

This handbook is broken up into four chapters:

  1. Eight Parts of Speech,
  2. Basic Sentence Analysis,
  3. Phrases and Clauses, and
  4. Sentence Types.

The Writer's Toolbox replaces the English Handbook.

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