Writer's Guide to Perfect Punctuation

Writer's Guide to Perfect Punctuation

by Victor C. Pellegrino
Trade Paperback, 71 pages
Price: $14.95

Punctuation is such a basic part of writing it often gets overlooked. But it's also essential for good, clear writing, and anyone who wants or needs to write ignores it at their own risk.A Writer's Guide to Perfect Punctuation will take the guesswork out of its use, and it will do so without the pain and suffering often associated with punctuation.

The book is divided alphabetically into sections devoted to each of the punctuation marks. Sections are as long as they need to be, depending on how many uses that mark can be put to. Pellegrino begins with a text explanation, then moves to rules and examples, both in bold. A brief history of punctuation is included at the beginning.

Not only will you learn to use familiar punctuation marks correctly, but you'll learn the true uses of less popular marks, like colons and em dashes. Readers will want to read through the entire book first, then use it for reference as needed. Easy to use and very thorough, this is an invaluable resource for writers, students, ESL students, and anyone who uses punctuation.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
    How to Use This Book
    History and Purpose
    Em Dash
    En Dash
    Exclamation Point
    Question Mark
    Quotation Marks
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