Write with World 2 - Parent/Teacher Book

Write with World 2 - Parent/Teacher Book

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Write with World is intended to be taught, so you can't just hand your kids the student book and let them go for it. There's a wealth of information in each parent/teacher edition, as well as code-accessible online content including samples, forums, and new materials. There are no scripted lesson plans, but there's enough content you should have no problem presenting each lesson capsule to your students.

Throughout the program, students simultaneously hone their grammar and stylistic skills, while learning to organize their thoughts and transfer them to the page. Most assignments have multiple stages, so students learn to outline, write a rough draft, and revise from the ground up. Instruction time should take about an hour three days per week, besides the time students will need for completing assignments. Weeks when only two capsules are completed should include one day for teacher/student conferencing.

Teachers and parents need not fear grading or evaluating their students' work as the parent/teacher edition includes plenty of guidelines. There are also tips for teaching different kinds of learners (audial, visual, etc.), and the student books are in fact designed to meet these various needs with color pictures, hands-on activities, and more. Because the focus is writing from a particular standpoint, kids learn as much about reading and analysis as about writing itself.

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