Write a Super Sentence

Write a Super Sentence

by Evan-Moor Educational Publisher
Trade Paperback, 64 pages
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Write a Super Sentence offers a classroom-tested method for improving basic sentence writing skills. Through step-by-step guided lessons students brainstorm adjectives, nouns, verbs, and where and when phrases, and use them to expand a simple sentence.

Each of the 15 lessons contains:
• a teacher resource page
• a reproducible form on which students write their "super sentences."

Suggested sentence topics range from:
• kites
• pizzas
• spaceships
• elephants
• dinosaurs
• bees
• many more

Additional features include:
• directions for a super sentence writing center
• directions for a ""silly sentences"" flip book
• a super sentence bulletin board
• a super sentence certificate complete this resource book
• lots of humorous illustrations

The Super Sentence writing center includes:
• sentence wheels
• pull-through sentences
• sentences-in-a-bag
• 7 practice worksheets
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