World's Story 3 - Teacher's Guide

World's Story 3 - Teacher's Guide

Modern Day

by Angela O'Dell (Author)
Publisher: Master Books
Softcover Textbook, 321 pages
List Price: $32.99 Sale Price: $26.39

The vital resource that provides all assignments for The World’s Story Volume 3 course, which includes:

  • Materials lists for each chapter, oral and written narration prompts, critical thinking questions, copywork, sketching, map activities, timeline exercises, Dig Deeper research prompts, and other fun projects
  • Review sections, craft suggestions, special project ideas, studies of abandoned places, worldview check-ups, and answer keys

OVERVIEW: Students will learn all about modern history and civilizations. The course includes 28 chapters and 4 built-in reviews, making it easy to finish in one school year. The activity pages include a variety of fun, engaging assignments. Both oral and written narration are key elements of the course, as well. Students are also encouraged to participate regularly in fun research assignments, further reading, crafts, and more.

FEATURES: The calendar provides daily lessons with clear objectives and activities.

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