World's Story 2

World's Story 2

The Middle Ages: The Fall of Rome through the Renaissance

by Angela O'Dell (Author)
Publisher: Master Books
Softcover Textbook, 368 pages
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A Charlotte Mason inspired Journey Through World History!

The World's Story 2 guides students in a trip around the world as they study history from the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance.

In The World's Story 2, your student will:

  • See God's guiding hand through history
  • Study the major events of the Middle Ages and delve into how society and culture developed and changed
  • Study Church history of this period
  • Study medieval civilizations spanning the whole globe, including the Byzantines, Anglo-Saxons, Muslims, Chinese, Japanese, Mongols, Mughals, Vikings, Normans, Russians, Songhai, and Aztecs
  • and so much more!

Exciting, interactive stories!

The World's Story 2 brings history alive for students in an exciting way! Through engaging, conversational narrative, O'Dell interacts with students and draws them in to imagine the adventures, hardships, failures, and triumphs of the incredible events and civilizations that shaped Middle-Age world history.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. The Fall of Rome
  • 2. The Rise of the Church
  • 3. England’s Angles and Saxons
  • 4. Medieval Irish Christianity
  • 5. The Culture of the Medieval Period
  • 6. The Rise of Islam
  • 7. The Franks and Charlemagne
  • 8. Medieval Chinese History
  • 9. Korea and Japan
  • 10. The Khans, Genghis and Kublai
  • 11. The Gupta & Mughal Dynasties of India
  • 12. The Vikings and Their Escapades
  • 13. Medieval Chivalry and Drafty Castles
  • 14. The Crusades
  • 15. Lionheart, Lackland, & the Magna Carta
  • 16. The Black Death’s Horrible Rampage
  • 17. Wars and Roses of 14th-Century England
  • 18. The Good & Bad of Ferdinand & Isabella
  • 19. The Mighty Ottoman Empire
  • 20. Vlad Tepes, Ivan the Terrible, & More
  • 21. The Dawn of the Renaissance
  • 22. The Art of the Renaissance
  • 23. The Reformation Arises
  • 24. The Counter-Reformation Reacts
  • 25. Henry VIII and His Six Wives
  • 26. Henry’s Daughters
  • 27. Africa During the Middle Ages
  • 28. The Americas During the Middle Ages
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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