World's Great Speeches

World's Great Speeches

292 Speeches from Pericles to Nelson Mandela

by Lewis Copeland (Editor), Lawrence W. Lamm (Editor), Stephen J. McKenna (Editor)
Publisher: Dover Publications
4th Edition, ©1999, ISBN: 9780486409030
Mass market paperback, 944 pages
Price: $21.95

This outstanding compendium of 292 great speeches contains addresses from nearly every historical era and nation, from the formal orations of ancient Greece and the speeches of Julius Caesar, to modern-day addresses by Nelson Mandela, Ronald Reagan and Václav Havel.

Among the memorable speeches included here are Pericles' funeral oration, St. Bernard's advocacy of the Second Crusade, William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech, Winston Churchill's "Blood, Sweat and Tears: address, Richard Nixon's speech to the astronauts on the moon. Malcolm X's address on the Black Revolution, and many more. Readers will also find time-honored declamations by St. Francis, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Napoleon, Victor Hugo, Leon Trotsky, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Dylan Thomas, Fulton J. Sheen, Adlai Stevenson, Walter Reuther, and many others—240 speakers in all.

For this newly updated edition, Stephen J. McKenna, Assistant Professor of English at The Catholic University of America, has added 14 important speeches delivered between 1974-1997. These new selections include Barbara Jordan's Opening Statement to the House Judiciary Committee for the Nixon Impeachment Proceedings (1874); Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Commencement Address (1978); Ronald Reagan's First Inaugural Address (1981); Nelson Mandela's Address to a Rally in Cape Town on His Release from Prison (1990); Václav Havel's Address to the Joint Session of Congress (1990); the Earl of Spencer's Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales (1997); and more.

Rich with the drama of history, the speeches in this volume will serve you time and time again by suggesting provocative themes and historical parallels, and by providing apt quotations, important reference passages, and a wide range of other valuable material

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