World War II Days

World War II Days

Discover the Past with Exciting Projects, Games, Activities, and Recipes

by David C. King
1st Edition, ©2000, ISBN: 9780471371014
Hardcover, 100 pages
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Discover Life in America during World War II with dozens of exciting projects, games, activities, and recipes.

Travel back to 1942 and experience firsthand just how exciting and challenging life was for kids in America during World War II. Spend a year with the Donatos and the Andersens, two families working hard to make ends meet while still making time to have fun. Visit eleven-year-old Frank Donato in San Francisco and share in the thrilling sight of warships heading out to sea under the Golden Gate Bridge. Follow twelve-year-old Shirley Andersen through her family's wheat farm in southern Minnesota as they prepare for the autumn harvest.

Eager to share the fun, adventure, and hard work of their daily lives, Frank and Shirley will show you how to play their favorite games, make cool toys and crafts, and cook up the yummiest recipes! Create a toy periscope out of a cardboard mailing tube and two small pocket mirrors, cook up a delicious Coney Island hot dog, play the exciting game of Sea Battle, and keep track of the weather with a 3-D cloud chart.

Packed with entertaining and easy projects, games, and recipes, World War II Days will take you on an exhilarating adventure into one of the most fascinating periods in American history.

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