World Trade Center

World Trade Center

A Tribute

by Bill Harris
Publisher: Courage Books
Hardcover, 96 pages
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Towering over the skyline of the greatest city on earth, the World Trade Center stood as twin pillars of international commerce and prosperity. From investment bankers to portfolio traders, the leaders of the business world made deals that touched the lives of all the other nations and peoples of the world. The World Trade Center could never have been more than a dream without the vision and heroism of a brilliant corps of planners, engineers, and builders. They not only made buildings, but created an epicenter of growth and success for people all over the earth. Written by a leading expert on New York's history and landmarks, this book traces the efforts of mayors and other politicians over the years to pave the way for this supreme monument.

The author deftly weaves together political, architectural, and financial history. With more than 120 magnificent color photos, The World Trade Center is a glorious tribute to the financial district and the Twin Towers. Although the buildings are no more, they will inspire future generations of Americans as the summit of architectural ambition and the zenith of human achievement. Bill Harris, the author of more than one hundred books, has an unparalleled knowledge of New York's history, architecture, and landmarks. A veteran journalist who worked for the New York Times for more than 20 years, he has written daily radio spots for that newspaper and New York Newsday, and has been an editor for leading news syndicates.

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