World of Little House

World of Little House

by Carolyn Strom Collins, Christina Wyss Eriksson
Publisher: HarperCollins
Hardcover, 150 pages
Price: $29.99

Laura Ingalls Wilder's classic Little House books have been cherished by millions of readers around the world for their endearing portrayal of a little pioneer girl on the American frontier. Ever since the first Little House book was published, readers have been eager to know more about the writer whose stories they welcomed into their hearts and homes. Now, with The World of Little House, readers and fans of all ages can step back in time and experience all the wonders of Laura's pioneer life.

At the heart of this book are nine chapters, each centered around one of Laura's nine Little House books, and each exploring in detail the stories, houses, landscapes, journeys, foods, activities, and pioneer life described in that particular book.

This glorious celebration of Laura and her stories also includes a chapter on all the events of Laura's childhood that are not in the Little House books, and one on her many happy years with her husband, Almanzo. There is even a time line showing the events taking place in the United States during Laura's life.

Meticulously researched, lovingly written, and beautifully illustrated, The World of Little House is for anyone who has ever read and loved the Little House books.

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