World History - Student Edition (old)

World History - Student Edition (old)

by James P. Stobaugh
Publisher: Master Books
Student, ©2012, ISBN: 9780890516485
Trade Paperback, 288 pages
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Respected Christian educator, Dr. James Stobaugh, offers an entire year of high school world history curriculum in an easy to teach and comprehensive volume. World History: Observations & Assessments from Creation to Today employs clear objectives and challenging assignments for the twelfth grade student. This study will help students develop a Christian worldview while forming his or her own understanding of world history trends, philosophies, and events. The following components are covered for the student:

  • Critical thinking
  • Examinations of historical theories, terms, and concepts
  • History makers who changed the course of history
  • Overviews and insights into world views

This 288-page student resource should be used in conjunction with the World History: Observations & Assessments from Creation to Today for the Teacher.

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