World History in Verse - Volume 1

World History in Verse - Volume 1

Old Testament and Ancient Egypt

by David Manley
Publisher: Accent Publications
Trade Paperback, 147 pages
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In the vein of the now-classic Modern Rhymes About Ancient Timesseries, World History in Verseoffers simple rhymed couplets to introduce children to the flow of ancient history. Volume 1 - Old Testament and Ancient Egypttakes a distinctly Christian approach, and author David Manley doesn't hesitate to include theology (the introduction of sin, the nature of Abraham's belief) alongside facts about Canaan, the pyramids and Egyptian chariots.

Full color illustrations on every page help keep kids' attention; these include cartoony drawings as well as smaller photographs of famous ancient artifacts and artwork. Children are led on their adventure by Prof. Archie Ology, an Einstein-looking archeologist who can be seen dancing and goofing off in front of Jacob's tents, the Sphinx, etc.

The photographs throughout the book correspond to a timeline in the back; wherever the photograph appears on the timeline reveals the chronology of the event discussed. When Manley's poems describe things like the Egyptian view of the afterlife, idols, etc., he's sure to include the Christian view as well. He offers enough specific references to people and places to be specific, but not so many that kids will get bogged down.

This is by no means a history curriculum—just a fun way to introduce very young children to the study of history. The catchy rhymes make the words easy to remember and therefore to hold the content in place in budding minds. The Covenantal Christian element is an excellent way to impress on students that God is in control of history, and to show how He has carried out his redemptive plan.

This is the first of a planned five-part series covering the history of the world from creation to modern times. The authors are writing the poems to coincide with and supplement the Veritas Press History Cards, a classically oriented curiculum. However, each book will be a stand-alone as well.

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