World History and Cultures in Christian Perspective - Student Text

World History and Cultures in Christian Perspective - Student Text

Publisher: A Beka Books
3rd Edition, ©2010, Publisher Catalog #303887
Softcover Textbook, 589 pages
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This well-researched text stands on the conviction that God is the Creator of the world and the Controller of history. It builds a solid foundation of ancient history, tracing man's history back to the Garden of Eden. Presenting neglected Asian and African cultures in a unique ancient-to-modern style, it helps students to recognize other peoples and cultures. An in-depth study of the Greco-Roman culture lays the groundwork for an exciting section on medieval history. The last section brings the student to the very doorstep of current history and vividly depicts world events in light of God's master plan.

Since man's actions are a product of his thoughts, the history of ideas is emphasized, rather than only political events and economic conditions. Students are given a Christian perspective on language, chronology, "prehistoric times," art, music, revolutionism, evolutionism, socialism, Communism, humanism, liberalism, and much more.

Colorful maps, time lines, illustrations, and photographs help to make the study of history both interesting and rewarding.

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