Words You Should Know

Words You Should Know

1200 essential words every educated person should be able to use and define

by David Olsen
Publisher: Adams Media Corp.
Trade Paperback, 235 pages
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Quick. What's the difference between "Calvary" and "cavalry"? Or "affect" and "effect"? How about "parameter" and "perimeter"?

Lots of people need a quick and authoritative way to identify and define the most troublesome common words. The usual approach—stalling for time until you can grasp the context of what the person has just said—has its limits. If only there were a list, not of every word (after all, reading dictionaries is no one's idea of fun) but of the right words, the ones that are used frequently but don't quite register when you come across them.

The Words You Should Know features straightforward, succinct definitions and sentence examples of over 1200 tough-but-common words. It's the kind of book that can get you out of a jam, improve your performance at school, and help advance your career.

And that's no hyperbole, rigmarole, or embellishment.

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