Words Aptly Spoken: American Literature

Words Aptly Spoken: American Literature

by Jen Greenholt (Editor)
2nd Edition, ©2011, Publisher Catalog #1S046
Trade Paperback, 221 pages
Price: $19.99

Besides guiding students through the literary classics of great American authors such as Twain, Alcott, Thoreau, Emerson, and Hemingway, this reference also attempts to awaken a sense of critical analysis of the content and contextual history behind each of the selections. How did each of these individuals, writing as he or she did, impact American thought and culture? How will this generation similarly impact our thinking and culture for years to come?

Twenty-nine works, seven of which are published in their entirety, are listed according to the chronology of their appearance in the Challenge I program. Each includes Review and Thought Questions, as well as suggestions for a deeper study of vocabulary, characters, plot, timeline, themes, and quotes which will be valuable aids to students completing composition assignments.

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