Wonderful Way Babies Are Made

Wonderful Way Babies Are Made

by Larry Christenson, Cheri Bladholm (Illustrator)
Publisher: Bethany House
2nd Edition, ©2000, ISBN: 9780764223419
Hardcover, 48 pages
Price: $16.99

Here is a book that will help you delicately introduce your children to human reproduction. It is designed as a tool for parents to use in passing on an attitude of joy and wonder at God's gift of life and sexuality. It is set against the backdrop of creation, so from the very beginning your child's understanding of sex will be linked with faith and belief in God.

The book is beautifully illustrated, usually over the two-page spread. An unusual feature included is text written on two different levels. Some of the text is directed to young children (up to about age eight). The other material is written for older children (about nine and above) that provides more detail and information.

Special features include:

  • Large print, rhyming text designed to be read aloud to children three to eight.
  • In-depth, age-appropriate information in smaller print allows the book to "grow with children older than eight.
  • A unique section to help children understand adoption.
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