Wizard of Earthsea

Wizard of Earthsea

Earthsea #1
by Ursula K. Le Guin
Publisher: Graphia
Mass market paperback, 192 pages
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Ged is his true name, but they call him Sparrowhawk. In Earthsea, to know a person's true name is to have power over that person, so only those most trusted are allowed to say any but a person's "use name." Sparrowhawk's greatest desire is for knowledge, particularly of magic, and he pursues that heedless of the warnings of everyone around him. When he mistakenly unleashes a malevolent dark power, it is only the creature's true name that stands between Ged and victory.

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FLAWS: Violence, language, witchcraft
Summary: Young Ged studies magic, duels rivals, and is the only one who can quell the spirit of ultimate evil in this book published decades before Harry Potter.

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