by Whittaker Chambers
Reissue, ©1980, ISBN: 9781621572961
Trade Paperback, 718 pages
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First published in 1952, Witness was at once a literary effort, a philosophical treatise, and a bestseller. Whittaker Chambers had just participated in America's trial of the century in which Chambers claimed that Alger Hiss, a full-standing member of the political establishment, was a spy for the Soviet Union. This poetic autobiography recounts the famous case, but also reveals much more. Chambers' worldview—e.g. "man without mysticism is a monster"—went on to help make political conservatism a national force.

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Summary: Whittaker Chambers's memoir of his days as a Communist and his later participation in the Alger Hiss case as an ex-Communist witness.

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