With Two Hands

With Two Hands

True Stories of God at work in Ethiopia

Hidden Heroes #1
by Rebecca Davis
Trade Paperback, 176 pages
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Historical Setting: Ethiopia

Why would a crippled old man wait by the side of the road every day for twenty years? Why would a slave and a witch doctor walk for three days to find a man called Jesus? Why would a lame man purposely walk to a tribe where he knew he could be killed? Sixteen captivating true episodes from the ministry of missionary Dick McLellan in Ethiopia, as well as many national missionaries, show the power of God in the midst of darkness. One by one the people declared, "With this hand I renounce the devil and all his works! With this hand I embrace my Savior Jesus Christ! All I am and all I have! Two hands!"

First in the Hidden Heroes series of true missionary stories for children.

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