With Moore at Corunna

With Moore at Corunna

A Tale of the Peninsular War

by G. A. Henty
Publisher: Preston Speed
Library Binding, 365 pages
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Historical Setting: Portugal, 1808 A. D.

In With Moore at Corunna we meet the quick-witted and daring young Terence O'Connor at the very beginning of his military career, when he is sent to Portugal as an ensign with the Mayo Fusiliers, his father's regiment. His quick-thinking first saves the Sea-horse from capture by French privateers, then saves a shipment of gold that is on its way to a Spanish general, and later enables him to rescue his cousin Mary from a nunnery. Taking command of several thousand Portuguese ordenaças, he soon turns them into a body of stalwart soldiers who engage in skirmishing and rear-guard actions that are instrumental in the war against the French. The further adventures of Terence are continued in Under Wellington's Command, the third book by Mr. Henty on the
Peninsular War.

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