With Daring Faith

With Daring Faith

A Biography of Amy Carmichael

by Rebecca Davis
Trade Paperback, 188 pages
Price: $6.99

Historical Setting: England, India, 1867-1951 A.D.

In 1903 Amy Carmichael's book Things as They Are shocked many Englishmen and American into taking a close look at India. Unafraid of public criticism, Amy Carmichael had revealed to the Western world the spiritual bondage of India as well as the suffering of thousands under the supposedly "benign" religion of Hinduism. She raised a plea for the little children who were being sold into lives of shame as slaves in Hindu temples.

With Daring Faith can introduce you to the wealth of insight and challenge that missionary biographies can offer. In Amy Carmichael's victories in India, we see the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ over the powers of darkness.

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