With Clive in India

With Clive in India

The Beginnings of an Empire

by G. A. Henty
Publisher: Preston Speed
Library Binding, 344 pages
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Historical Setting: India, 1751-1786 A. D.

Charlie Marryat, a lad of marvelous pluck who possesses a great love of adventure, secures a job as a writer with the East India Company, and travels to Madras, only to discover a much more exciting occupation than his intended one. Enlisted by Clive in his campaigns to defeat the French and establish the British in India, Charlie distinguishes himself in a number of battles and earns a reputation for courage and ingenuity. He survives the siege of Arcot and fights at Plassey, the battle which secured Southern India for England. He also trains a native force for one of England's Indian allies, and rescues Ada Haines from an Indian harem. After ten years in India, he returns to England a wealthy man as a result of his services to a number of Indian princesses.

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