Witch's Brat

Witch's Brat

by Rosemary Sutcliff, Richard Lebenson (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 144 pages
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Historical Setting: Britain, early 12th century

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Only a week after his grandmother's death, Lovel the "Witch's Brat" was driven away from the village with stones and harsh words. The boy found shelter at the Minster, though some of the monks thought him useless because of his humped shoulder and twisted leg. Lovel was inclined to agree with them until the stormy night when Rahere , Jongleur to King Henry I himself, came to the Minster. Rahere called Lovel "Brat" too, but his voice had kindness in it, and when he asked, "If I were to come back and whistle you out of here one day, would you come?" Lovel nodded.

In the days that followed, Lovel remembered the healing skills and herb lore his grandmother had taught him, and in time there came opportunities to use them. When at last Rahere returned and asked Lovel to leave the monastery and go with him to London, Lovel was faced with an agonizing choice.  

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